3 Myths About Therapy And The Real Truth


Most of us think of therapy as going to a person wearing an argyle sweater, laying down on a couch, and talking about your childhood. In reality, it's nothing like that. Here, we are going to talk about some myths that people have about therapy and what's the truth. Disclaimer: I am writing from my personal experiences of going to therapy. The experience is different for everyone.

Myth 1: You can only go to therapy if you are sad.

It's true that therapy can be really effective if you are struggling with certain aspects of your life. Having an objective person to listen to you can really aid in processing your feelings and determining what will make you feel better. However, therapy can also be helpful if you need a safe space to just talk about your life, your future plans, or if you just need to vent about the same thing every week. Therapy does not only have to be a place for your tears, but also for your joys and triumphs.

Myth 2: Going to therapy means you are "crazy".

First, no one is crazy. Your feelings are valid because you feel them and it is important to have a place where you can look within and process those feelings. Having a mental illness is not a requirement or result of going to therapy. Mental illness is a serious issue and if you do have one, therapy can definitely be a helpful coping mechanism. But no one is "crazy" for going to therapy.

Myth 3: You will have to be put on medication for going to a therapist. 

Most therapists are not licensed to prescribe medication and no one can force you to take medication if you don't want to. To be prescribed medication for a mental issue may require more than one session or a visit to a doctor or a psychiatrist. Conversations will take place and ultimately, it becomes your decision whether you would like to try medication. There is no coercion or force involved on the part of your therapist.

Deciding to go to therapy is a big decision. A big, brave decision. Taking care of yourself is something that is entirely within your control and therapy can equip you with vital skills for handling anything life throws your way. Going to to therapy means that you care about yourself and are taking your mental health seriously. It shows that you are a strong and powerful individual. So, good job to you.