7 Motivational Speeches You Need To Watch

Motivational speeches have the power to encourage us to strengthen our mindsets of hope, positivity, and possibility. Sometimes our fears can really get the best of us, and in those moments it is so helpful to turn to the people who are living out their dreams that once seemed “impossible.” Below are a list of people who all share unique and personal insight that will leave you feeling motivated and ready to go!

Steve Jobs, Stanford University Commencement, 2005

In this speech, Steve Jobs explains that all the wrong turns, hardships, failures, and missed opportunities in our lives will all come together and make sense one day. He talks about how when we look backwards, we can connect the dots. His words will help you trust that no matter where you are in the moment is where you are supposed to be. 

Elizabeth Gilbert, Ted Talk :Your Elusive Creative Genius, 2009

Every creative person can benefit from watching this speech. Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us that our only job is to show up. From there, we can be at ease knowing that there is something greater than ourselves guiding our creative work. Her words will help you if you tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself as an artist or creator of any kind.

Jim Carrey, Maharishi University of Management, 2014

If you’re afraid of taking a risk because you know there will be no net to catch you, you will love this speech. Jim Carrey talks about how “failure is inevitable” no matter what field you choose to pursue. He reminds us that if this is the case, we need to take the chance of doing what we love and embracing the unknown.

Gabby Bernstein,  TedXFiDi Women, 2011

In her speech, Gabby Bernstein talks about her experience with reprogramming her mind from one of fear to one of love. She strongly encourages us to expect miracles and live in faith that we’re being guided by a power greater than us. This speech will leave you believing that you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams. If you struggle with a loud inner critic, there is a very high chance that Gabby's words will give you the chills and/or move you to tears. 

JK Rowling, Harvard Commencement, 2011

In this speech, JK Rowling talks about her own experience with failing miserably. She makes it clear that nevertheless, she directed all of her energy into finishing the work that really mattered to her. She thanks rock bottom for becoming the solid foundation on which she rebuilt her life. If you are a perfectionistic or fear failure, (so... pretty much everyone) this speech is a must watch!  

Meryl Streep, Barnard University Commencement, 2010

In this speech, Meryl Streep uses her wit and charm to empower females to embrace their imagination and their differences. Meryl's personal anecdotes are brutally honest. Her words will leave you feeling safe to embrace who you truly are. 

Shia LaBeouf, “Just Do It” Motivational Speech, 2015

In this speech, Shia LaBeouf is quite honestly frightening. It will give you the kick in the booty that you need to get up and do whatever it is you have been saying you are going to do. Shia LaBeouf will most likely leave you laughing, frightened, or just speechless. 

I hope these speeches leave you feeling inspired to step into your spotlight! You deserve to be there!