Achieve Goals: This Is How We Do Vision Planning

Me, in my bed, with my fifth ninth cup of tea, aka my natural habitat. Also where I get 99% of my vision planning done. First of all, thank you SO much to everyone who has had such kind, thoughtful feedback on the Spire & Co rebrand. It means so much that our hard work has been so well received.

A friend of mine called me right after she saw the rebrand for the first time and she said, “For the first time, I think I can fully see your vision for the brand, even though you have been talking about it since high school.”

That made me so happy because it meant that my words are matching our actions, which from my experience has been the hardest thing to do as founder, especially while in college. You want everything to be perfect and you have this grand vision for the brand, but execution is hard and things don’t always go as planned. And sometimes, time simply is not on your side.

But if you ask me, everything starts with a vision. The details of that vision, though, come in many different forms. For example, on our team, Hannah, our Creative Director, envisions the brand based on how it looks because she specializes in photography, graphic design, and all things creative. Her visions come in the forms of color theory, beautiful imagery, and typography.

On the other hand, Quincy, our Editor in Chief, consistently explains the brand in terms of editorial content subjects and how those stories will impact the reader.

Mimi and Ann, our community development super-duo, both have talked about the relationships between readers as well as between the brand and the reader.

As for me, I have always created a vision for the brand around how it makes a girl feel, or rather, how it connects with her soul. I love the psychology around what makes a person happy or ambitious or fulfilled, and that understanding has become a central focus to how I envision the brand. Plus, I like the idea of focusing on the deeper, more emotional part of the brand and from there explore what it looks like on the surface.

This was very telling when we all sat together after we decided on the name, Spire & Co. I explained my vision of what I wanted it to feel like as the starting ground. From there, we did a meditation (to a Rachel Platten song because who else connects with your soul like she does?) and took time focusing on what we wanted the brand to represent. Together, our personal visions encapsulated what became Spire & Co.

So you’re probably wondering why I even bring this up. I mean, up to now, it’s all just a backstory of how our team’s vision planning works. What’s in this for you? (That’s why we read blog posts after all, am I right?)

No matter if it is a business, a blog, a career, or simply who you are, we all need a roadmap to become the best version of that possible.

That roadmap is in the form of vision planning. I am big on vision planning–okay, maybe obsessed is a better term. I am convinced that a vision board can change your world and daily vision meditations can transform your productivity. What it comes down to is that you cannot be what you cannot see. Vision planning gives you the glasses to the aspirations that were once fuzzy.

How we planned out the rebrand for Spire & Co is exactly the same way you can vision plan for anything, from scoring that dream internship to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the steps you need to do just that:

1. Envision what it feels like.

Picture the accomplishment. What does it feel like once you get there? Now back track and envision what it feels like along the way. This is where you an also determine if it is worth the effort, and “no” is a fine answer. When in doubt, return to the vision of the accomplishment and focus on what it feels like once you are there.

2. Envision what it looks like.

For example, if your aspiration is to run a half marathon, envision yourself running the race. What are you listening to? What are you wearing? Who is around you? What does the finish line look like? Paint such a clear picture of this that you can practically feel the sweat dripping down your face, or anything else if that isn’t your goal.

3. Envision your story.

It’s easy to read stories about incredible accomplishments. They’ve already been done. But write yours before you even begin. It illustrates the path you aspire to take.

4. Envision the people associated with the goal.

For example, when I envision Spire & Co, I always think about the readers as if they are all close girlfriends, and picture their interactions with the brand. You can do the same thing with your goals. Back to that half marathon example, picture the people who would be waiting for you at the finish line. It could even just be the race staff. Just have others associated with the goal to make it feel more real.

The first step to crossing any finish line is knowing where the finish line is. Vision planning allows you to determine just that.

If you have any questions or want help defining and refining your vision, sound off in the comments or shoot me an email at

May your visions propel you towards the greatest version of you.

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