Best Face Masks For Your Skin Type

So many face masks, only so many skin types: It’s hard to nail down exactly what works for whose face. If you end up using the wrong one, it could irritate your skin and who wants next? Check out our suggestions for every skin type on the best facial at home:



If your skin is sensitive, you want anything with minerals. This will soothe the redness and calm any inflammation. Look for something cream-based for the least amount of irritation.



When you have dry skin, you basically have two face mask options: hydrating or exfoliating. By using a hydrating face mask, you get tons of moisture back into your skin. When exfoliating, you get rid of those dead skin cells making your skin so dry back in the first place.



By using a clay mask on oily skin, it’s easier to have all that icky excess oil mopped right up. Clay in general just has a drying effect on things, so it makes sense it would also work with your acne.



Just like oily skin, a clay mask is awesome for extracting the infections out of your pores that cause acne. This works out well because a lot of times, acne-prone skin and oily skin go hand-in-hand.



Gel masks are great because they’re oil free but still hydrating. Not only that, but since gel masks are naturally a little bit chilly, they’ll soothe any redness you may have on your face.