Our February Power Word


Before you read this, take a second to pause. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe in. And exhale. Time for a fresh start, you know what I mean? Maybe your January was everything you envisioned 2017 to be. Perhaps it was the complete opposite. Possibly it fell somewhere in the middle. Whatever it was, just exhale. It's over. No looking back.

I remember hearing Iyanla Vanzant speak a few years ago and she said something about regret that I can recite word for word even to this day.

"It's in the past, so you passed. We all want an A, but sometimes a C will do just fine!"

No matter what your January felt like, you passed. The best part is that unlike school, we don't get graded on how we live our lives from month to month. We have seasons of great, fantastic, marvelous movements and moments, but if we fall upon a darker time, it won't wreck the GPA of life because, well, we don't have one. So maybe your January was wonderful or maybe it was nothing even in that ball park, but it doesn't define your year either way.

What matters is the step you take next. Your climb. That arduous journey that by simply passing last month, you reached new heights. But how do we keep climbing? How do we not turn back? How do we not simply stay put right where we are because maybe the unknown is a little more terrifying than we are comfortable with?

We covered fear and the art of fearless living this month, in our new intention to live a year of more us. We talked about burnout. We talked about exiting toxic relationships. We talked about living in spite of anxiety. We talked about embracing new adventures, even in the unknown.

What I learned about fear this past month is that often, our greatest fear is pain. We are horrified of enduring it, whether it's emotional, physical, or spiritual. And it makes perfect sense. I mean, who enjoys pain? Perhaps I learned it the hard way, but when we walk through fire, we burn away the falsities of ourselves. As we pass through the blazing embers and miraculously manage to make it out alive, what is left is a version of ourselves that is simply more real. It's educated. It's experienced. It's like we leveled up in a video game and now have more firepower, or armor, or something.

The funny thing is, after all is said and done, you realize the pain wasn't as bad as expected. And in the end, you actually won even if you felt like the biggest loser in the process.

What happens, though, once we let those falsities go and want to translate that new firepower into something meaningful? What does it take? What do we need to do?

If you ask me, I think we need to rise up.

I wonder how many of us felt pain in January. I wonder how many felt helpless. Hopeless. Weak. Guilty. Overwhelmed. We all have our reasons: relationships that are lacking connection or care, work that may be temporarily unfulfilling, goals that just didn't happen, the political landscape and all its chaos, and so on. How do we get unstuck? That is the question we are going to tackle this month.

We'll explore all the many ways we can rise up, turning up the volume on our real selves and harnessing our truth and ambition so we can reach new heights.

That's our power words this month: rise up.

Stay tuned for content that we hope will be refreshingly transformative and uplifting. I don't know about you, but that seems like something we all need right now, am I right?

Now take a deep breath in. This month is going to be a game changer.