How to Have a Festive, Low Key Halloween


Look, we know there are Halloween parties galore this weekend, with spooky-themed drinks and people in costumes drunk swaying to Monster Mash. Maybe that’s your scene or maybe the thought of it actually makes you want to bury your head in some pumpkin guts. Maybe you’ve done that party scene before and this year you just want to hang at home in your pjs, but you don’t want to miss out on the spirit of the holiday. Worry not, we have you covered with a few ways to have a festive, low-key Halloween at home so you can have the best of both worlds. Invite a friend or two over and get to spookin’ this Halloween with these ideas for a festive night in:

1. Scary Movie Marathon

The first option for a relaxed Halloween at home is a scary movie marathon! You’ll actually probably more on the edge of your seat than relaxed, but at least it will be a comfy seat, like a couch or a fluffy armchair. Netflix has an abundance of spooky movies, like Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollow, or you could go more The Addams Family Route for slightly dark and very humorous. If Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu don’t have what you want, we suggest going to your local library to scope out their choices. Libraries are the unsung hero of this world and they usually have some cute holiday decorations to help you get in the mood of the season.

2. Pumpkin Carving

Your second option is pumpkin carving! Normally, people carve their pumpkins before Halloween so they can sit out on porches all lit up, but if you start before dinner, you’ll be done in time for your first trick or treaters. Put on a spookythemedplaylist, scoop out those pumpkin guts, and carve out a jack-o'-lantern or two. Save the pumpkin seeds to sprinkle with salt and roast in the oven (300 degrees for 45 minutes or until golden brown).

3. Bake

Once you’re done with those beautiful pumpkins, keep the good times rolling and bake some Halloween themed desserts. You can find decorating kits at most grocery stores or online or get wild with your own creations. We recommend a decorating contest where you decorate, judge, and then eat both the winners and the losers. No one wants to be left out, not even scary monsters.

4. Dress Up

If you still want to dress up this Halloween, you can always wear a costume to answer the door for trick or treaters. Dress up as Eleven for a costume that’s more for the parents than the little kids, or go the old sheet-ghost route for a costume that’s practically free. Invite some friends over and do other Halloween festivities while you wait for your doorbell to ring, or invite yourself to someone else’s house if you don’t live in a neighborhood that will be frequented by little ghouls.

5. Go spooking.

The other (not as G-rated) alternative is to dress up in a scary costume and scare people in your neighborhood. To be honest, we don’t like the idea of scaring little trick-or-treating kids, but if there’s a group of teenagers you see, go for it. They’re too old to be begging for candy anyways.

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