How To Build Your Tribe

As a life coach in NYC, I struggled with the idea of "building my tribe." How could I attract the people who were interested in the positive message I had to share? My fellow friends in the wellness world were posting seemingly perfect posts soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, meditating on the all too perfect green cut grass, and laughing in their bright colored shirts with a fresh juice in hand. For a while, to keep it real with you, I mimicked them because I wanted what they had. My thought process was as follows; I’m a life coach, so I too, need to look like my life is bright, happy, and “together.” I did this for a while and wondered why I was attracting people who would come and go. I didn't have a consistent "tribe," because I didn't have a consistent voice.

I felt guilty because deep down, I knew I wasn’t truly utilizing my own voice. I sat in solitude, unplugged, and got honest with myself. I said, “Catherine, it’s not about being a second rate version of someone else. You’ve got to be yourself." I will never forget the day that one of my best friends turned to me and said, “Catherine, you truly radiate perfection for being so imperfect.” What I’m learning is that you need to know who you are and when you’re so clear on that, your tribe will find you. You won't need to look to find people. Your message will flow effortlessly, naturally attracting the people who are energetically aligned with you.

Remember that no one likes a person or company that does not practice what he/she/they preach. If you are encouraging others to embrace flaws, be rigorously honest by walking your talk.

When you are confident with your message and you are living authentically, your tribe will find you. Stay put, be patient, and trust the universe has your back.  Here's the key points for you in an acronym I created: ACE: Authenticity. Consistency. Enthusiasm. Whenever you are sharing your message, make sure you personally "ace" it! This is key to attracting YOUR tribe. Good luck!