How to Set Up A Game Changing Planner


Organization is key to keeping your headaches down and maximizing all the waking hours in the day. I have gone through plenty of planners and there are a couple tips and tricks I have found to creating a game changing one.

Choose which kind of planner you would like. 

Do you want to create your own, like a bullet journal, or would you like one with pre-made sections? There is no wrong answer. If you don't feel like you have time to sit down and find your best aesthetic, a bullet journal might not be for you. Pre-made planners can be really great. I prefer to have ones where I have a view of the whole month in the front and then there are different pages for each week. It can make things quick and easy when trying to remember if you can go out for lunch with your friends on a random Wednesday.

Pick how you'd like to use your planner.

Planners can be used for multiple things. You can use them to track due dates for school or work, schedule social events, or just to keep track of the habits and events of each passing day. I typically use one planner for all of my social and school needs. My monthly guide shows when I work, have meetings, or other events. My weekly calendar holds all of my assignments to be done and special notes about a specific day.

Create a key.

This may sound daunting, but it can be really simple. You just decide if you'd like to use special shapes or colors for certain things. For example, recurring events are written in plain, black ink. Special events are written in a bright color so they are easier to remember. Items that need to be done get an open bullet. Once they are finished, you fill in the bullet. Creating a mental key that works for you makes it easier to read your own planner. Honestly, this whole planner is for you, so make the best system that works for you.

Back it up. 

My planner is not the only planner I have. I need to write things down, but I also back everything up in a calendar or to-do app on my phone. You will find yourself in a situation where you do not have your paper planner with you and need to schedule something quickly. Pair your paper planner with an app for those moments when you need something fast and easy. You can always transpose things back and forth. The repetition will also make things easier to remember.

However you would like to organize your life is up to you. It makes things much easier and you're a little less likely to be so stressed out. Give your brain a break and plan your life on paper.