I Stopped Complaining For A Week And My Life Changed


I'll be the first to tell you that I complain a lot. About the weather, about my weight, about homework I don't want to do, about the train being late, about the train being early, about the length of my hair, about the ripeness of my avocado...okay, you get it. I've recently been meditating a lot on the concept of negativity. What does it mean in my life? How do I create negativity? Is there a way to reverse or change negative energy that already exists? What is the best way to be part of the solution, not the problem? So on, and so forth. This past week I reached a breaking point with myself, and if it were normal for one to scream at herself I would have - "enough is enough!" My days felt long, I couldn't fall asleep, nothing was making me happy, and I felt useless. I know this sounds extreme, but I truly believe that I had so much negative energy compounded in my head that it finally reached a breaking point.

We talk a lot about being positive and having a good outlook on life, but what does that mean? What does living in positivity and light and joy look like? At this point, I couldn't tell you simply because I believe it can take almost any form. There is not one "good" way to be positive. Positive energy is positive energy and there's no need to create a hierarchical ordering within that state of mind. However, if you ask me what negativity and negative energy look like, I could paint you a pretty accurate picture.

Negativity is:

+ Looking for the dark cloud, not the silver lining

+ Making a conscious choice to be upset/angry/sad

+ Complaining

+ Putting precedent on the things in your life you believe are "bad"

+ Comparing yourself to others

...and many, many more things.

So I challenged myself to take on one of these sources of negative energy and turn it on its head. I chose complaining because to me, it's probably the most obvious and prevalent form of bad vibes in my life. And let me tell you, it was not easy. I don't think I fully appreciated how much I relied on complaining until I told myself "no more". But truly, the absence of complaining in my life allowed me to make room for things I didn't even know were missing.

My relationships grew deeper because conversations had to extend beyond a mutual hatred of someone or something. My mind opened itself up to more possibilities and adventure because I wasn't allowing myself to get hung up on the little things that might have bothered me before. I was overall just...happier. I had more time for yoga, I found joy in a pan of roasted root vegetables, I found myself embracing my schoolwork more. Things no longer felt like burdens - they felt light blessings and opportunities for growth, learning, and change.

Life isn't the summation of everything bad that has ever happened to us or the things we don't like. No, life is about embracing everything. Believing in your core that everything is going to be freaking amazing - because with a positive mindset, anything is possible.