What Does Inner Peace Look Like?

One of the best compliments I have ever received was when someone said to me, "You look like you're at peace with yourself. You make me feel peaceful just by looking at you." I used to run around like a wreckin' ball. Literally. I would run into an exercise class, (of course being late from another meeting) having forgotten my socks and lugging around heavy bags with papers overflowing out of them. My face was always breaking out with cyst pimples from stress and I wore workout clothes everywhere because I didn't believe I was worthy of being seen. Then one day I was fed up, realizing how this way of life was no longer serving me. It was not an accurate representation of the person I wanted to be. What does a person "at peace" look like?

We take the time to dress like we deserve to be seen.

When we're at peace with ourselves, we want to be seen. We believe wholeheartedly that we deserve to be seen. We are no longer questioning our worth or trying to hide our "imperfections" behind layers of baggy clothes or in my case, all black clothing. When I'm at peace with myself, I want to wear bright colors. I want to shine bright!

We glow and radiate positive energy.

When we're at peace with ourselves, we glow. Our faces are lit up with a sense of joy and we want to share that joy with the people around us. Did you ever notice how when you're in a good mood, you have the power to bring up the energy of an entire room with your smile or upbeat energy, alone? And how at the same time, if you walk into a room complaining, you can literally drag down everyone else's mood? When we're at peace with ourselves, we have a twinkle of light in our eyes. We are always the lighthouse and eager to share this light with others.

We are listening to our inner support system over our inner critic.

Do you ever see someone who looks distressed and it looks like they are thinking about something? Typically, if someone looks sad or anxious, they are caught up in a thought that they would rather not be hearing. I know when I start listening to my inner critic, I zone out and get upset because I believe the thought and lose myself in the negative chatter. My friends will sometimes turn to me and say, "What happened? Where did you just go? You spaced and I felt your energy drop." I always respond with, "Oh I was just thinking." However this type of thinking is never "productive" thinking. It is negative, false, and self-debasing. Everyone could read the distress on your face, when you're listening to your inner critic.

We are validating ourselves.

When we're at peace with ourselves, we are no longer seeking validation from the outside world. We are content with ourselves. We are proud of who we are and what we do. We don't need others to tell us how beautiful or wonderful we are. We have a face of self-satisfaction with our gifts, passion, and accomplishments. When we're looking for validation from others, we have a strained face, tense body, and desperate energy.

If you're ever feeling worried, sad, anxious, etc. you are most likely not in the present moment. Inner peace always lies in the present. One of my favorite quotes of all time said by Lao Tzu: "If you're depressed, you're living in the past. If you're anxious, you're living in the future. If you're at peace, you're living in the present."