How To Make The Most Of Your City

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When traveling, playing tourist is the name of the game. Often times though, we can forget to explore the very place we call home. We get busy, we have our circle of friends, and all of a sudden, we realize that mental list we had of all the places we've been meaning to go are nowhere close to being checked off. But that stops today. This is how you can start making the most of your city.

1. Find bloggers from your city.

One of the most helpful things that I've found is seeking out bloggers online who call your city home, too. My favorite blogger from Denver writes a food blog and has an amazing restaurant guide on her blog that has led me to some of my new favorite spots. The other great thing about bloggers is that they usually have great pictures and specific (and honest) recommendations for navigating your city.

2. Ride your bike.

I'm pretty spoiled with all the bike paths when it comes to my city, therefore making it almost ridiculous not to tote around on two wheels everywhere I go. I've found that riding my bike (or walking!) around a new place always gives me a greater appreciation and feel for any given city. You can become wrapped up in the way it smells, breathes, and exists with you right in the middle of it all. If your city isn't particularly bike friendly, feet work well, too.

3. Refuse to concede to your routine.

My friends always joke that I don't have a routine, I have a rut-tine when it comes to eating out and exploring. I hike the same trails, frequent the same restaurants, and I have way too many black t-shirts. While I'm not always good at breaking away from my norm, when friends come to visit its always an excuse to try something a little bit different. Moving outside your usual comfort zone can take your city from seeming like having no options to having endless options.

4. Groupon that sh*t.

Groupon is one of those weird internet places where I'm always finding new things to do in Denver (no, this is not sponsored I just love a good discount). The website has great coupons, like pay $10 for a $25 gift card to a given restaurant, which always encourages me to try something new. They also have deals on tickets, classes (I've gotten some great yoga deals), events, and more.

5. Visit your city's website.

Looking to your tourism bureau can be a really awesome way to stay up to date on all of the events going on around you. The Shakespeare Festival? The Chalk Art Festival? The Renaissance Faire? Hold. Me. Back. because free events are my jam.


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