New Year, More You


Inhale. Exhale. That's how all of our 2017s started.

Perhaps yours started at a party. Perhaps it kicked off on your couch next to your puppy and a big bowl of popcorn. Maybe you were with family or friends or complete strangers. And there's a chance you skipped it all together and just went to bed early, snoozing your way into the new year.

Wherever and however you started 2017, we all did the same thing. We took a deep breath in and said a little wish that this year would be our year. Our year to conquer. Our year to shine. Our year to simply live the life we want.

Then we exhaled.

But what happens after that? What happens after the resolutions and the parties and the sparkly crowns and the kisses? What happens then?

For many, we set forth hoping that we can somehow rewrite our own narrative or illustrate a better picture of our story. And maybe we'll do it. Maybe we'll create the change that we want. Maybe we'll create the change others want. Or maybe we'll do a mix of both.

Have you ever noticed, though, that lasting change only happens when we are moving closer to who we truly are? That's not saying we can't make healthier choices or get better grades or score the promotion at work. In fact, it means just that. We can do all of those things. The power is in the intention. The power is in the inhale. It is in that wish we make in our guts. The one we may not even say out loud but deep down, we are thinking "but what if I could make that happen?"

The beauty of a new beginning, be it a new year, a Monday, or just after lunch, is that with true intention, we can write whatever story we wish. 

One of my closest friends was sitting in my apartment kitchen a few weeks ago and asked, "What's your power word for 2016?" It got me thinking about intention because after all, the intention is the core of a good power word. What is my intention for the new year? What would be our intention here at Spire & Co?

The answer was so simple that it took a long time to find it. The answer was sort of in the question. What is my intention for the new year? New year. Those words. Especially the first one. That concept of new. Like whatever came before it was null and void. And that's how we often approach the new year. It's a clean slate. We can be different. We can do different. Because before, we were somehow less than who we are now.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a Capricorn. Being obsessed with resolutions and planning and self improvement was written in the stars before I was even born. To say I adore it would be an understatement. But as a seasoned planner, I've started to notice that I get so focused on the new, on the oncoming, on the narrative that has yet to be written, that I forget about the foundation. What came first. What is established. And in turn, maybe I'm missing out on the value of what already is.

So this year, instead of focusing on doing less of something or doing more of something else, I'm thinking I'll focus on being more of what is established.

Being more of what I know I am and, as they say in yoga, breathing into that. Instead of inhaling in the new, it'll be about inhaling what's there and going from there.

Here at Spire & Co, we'll be keeping this "new year more you" intention in mind as well. Each month of 2017, we'll have a power word. We'll focus on moving closer to our core selves, diving into what we know in hopes of discovering what we have not yet uncovered, all with that power word at the forefront of our intention.

It's easy to want to rewrite our narrative all together. It takes less work. But by looking inward, peeling back the layers of what we want to think and what we want others to perceive, is that core self. And maybe that's where we find the way towards resolutions that last and years that don't have to feel new but can just be more. Whatever it may be, this year we're going to do the work to figure it out.

What's our power word to kick off the year of more? Fearless.

Yeah I know, soooo original. But think about 2016. You could see it on your news feeds. You could feel it when you were setting goals and making plans. You could hear it in conversations. It wasn't one particular moment, but rather a collection of experiences, that had everyone on the wrong side of the "what if" questions.

What if that happens? What if I can't do it? What if I'm putting in all the work for nothing? What if it just isn't worth it?

The what ifs are always there, but for whatever reason, 2016 had them screaming. As we walk into a new year, filled with an abundance of opportunities to dive deep into who we are, let's shove those fearful questions to the side and choose to forge ahead anyway. Because who ever changed their world when fear had the wheel?

Throughout this month, we'll explore what it means to be fearless in the many corners of life. How does fear come into play when we walk into a kickboxing class? What does being fearless mean in a dating world that can feel like an endless maze? Are there ways we can be fearless with our finances? You'll see it in our social feeds, our articles, and the free downloads in our Energy Email (Have you signed up yet? Head to the bottom of this page to subscribe!)

Wherever this year may take you, I hope it brings you new opportunities to be more of who you already are: someone who has immense potential to live in such a way that by simply living your truth, others are able to live theirs. Thank you for allowing us to live ours.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Spire & Co.