Our April Power Word


The daffodils that line the apartment buildings on Central Park West have started to make their way out of the icy ground as the snow from the last storm finally melts away. I've traded my winter snow boots for a pair of pink rainboots (that I got on sale, woooo!). And finally, the farmers markets are beginning to have fresh strawberries and greens from their new harvest.

But it doesn't take transitions like these to recognize the change in the air does it? You can feel it in your core. You can smell it in the changing air. There's a rebirth coming. And it's energizing.

Spring is coming, that's for certain.

We have a tendency to see this change as something purely exciting. The warmer weather is invigorating, especially after the dreary depths of winter. But anything worthy of true change isn't easy.

While spring can be the poster child of change, it's not always welcomed. This time of year brings choices–and sometimes we are just on the receiving end of them. Maybe that dream job you wanted, that you worked so hard for, was given to someone else. Maybe that school you had always counted on going to sent you a small envelope. Maybe that resolution you set out to achieve on January 1st hit a major detour. Maybe that financial goal wasn't met in the timeline you envisioned because of something out of your control. Maybe that relationship was cut off just as things seemed promising.

I don't know what it is about April, but something about the season of rebirth comes with rejection.

When you think about it, though, that makes sense. If we want to change, if we want to evolve, if we want to charge forth in a new direction, we have to peel away the expectations of yesteryear. What we thought we wanted may not be big enough. Or perhaps what we wanted was just not meant for us.

We've all experienced those moments of rejection. And everyone can pin point the one that caused them the most pain. But you evolved because of, and maybe in spite of it, right?

Rejection can be paralyzing if we give it that power, but a while ago, I read something somewhere–the details now have escaped me–that said, "It's never rejection. It's always redirection." I have to say, I've never looked at rejection in the same defeated way since. How marvelous is it to think that what we want will be ours unless something even bigger is meant to come? So your dreams, hopes, desires, all of it, are really just the roots of what is to bloom in your life. I like that.

In this season of rebirth, we are focusing on redirection, which means to change course or direction, according to Miriam-Webster. That sounds like a nice power word for the start of spring, don't you think?

Whether you have a direction in mind or are still in an emotional hangover from some form of rejection, this month we are going to tackle what it takes to move forward in a new direction. From comprehensive how to guides to stories of real women who have experienced transformation or have created it themselves, let's just say April is going to be an energizing month here at Spire & Co.

While we may not get a push notification warning us that rejection is coming, we can uncover all that is required to redirect our lives, moving towards our truest selves. Let's do that together, shall we?