Your Ultimate Empowerment Song Playlist

We can all recall a time when we worked so hard at something that we thought the victory was ours before it was even in our hands. Maybe you didn't get the grade you anticipated even though you practically memorized the textbook. Maybe your mile time was slow even though you felt like you were sprinting. Maybe you didn't score the job even though your interview was seemingly incredible. It's in those moments your personal power seems to diminish to the size of a grape. You may even question if your streak of good luck is over and it's all down here from that moment.

Those times of trial can turn into a black hole of negativity, where there is no motivation to be found within a thousand miles. But just before you step into that circle of emotional torture, throw one last punch at the negative energy, put on your headphones, and press play to this playlist of carefully curated fight songs.

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