You're Not Alone: Avoiding Loneliness During the Holidays


Welcome to the holiday season! It's the time of the year when there are numerous celebrations, numerous obligations and numerous people. There are people everywhere: at the mall, at work parties, at family get-togethers, at the parking lot you go sit in when you need a break from family get-togethers. We're almost constantly surrounded by people in the month of December. It can be wonderful to be around all of those people, but it can also be easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel alone during the holiday season too. There are families that are so large you can sit in the middle of the room and be forgotten, and there are families so small that there's no one you really connect with. There are families that don't get along and decide to spend the holidays apart too. No matter your circumstances, we want to remind you that even now, in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you're not alone.

The first remedy to your loneliness this holiday season is to reach out to someone who cares. It's easy to downplay relationships when you're feeling low and convince yourself that nobody really cares, but they do. Whatever your family or friend situation is like, there is someone who cares. Of course, there are the supportive family members and trustworthy friends that are usually your go-to's, but maybe they're busy or maybe you've had a falling out; that's okay. There are other people too. Maybe it's an aunt that you haven't been super close with, or a coworker that you just casually chat with during the day, but there's someone who will enjoy hearing from you. They'll probably even be receptive to making casual plans with you, grabbing a drink after work one day or doing some gift shopping together. You don't have to have a best friend or be really close with your parents to have someone who cares. Reach out to someone in your life. If only for a few minutes while texting, you'll feel less alone.

Loneliness can be a heartbreaking emotion, but it can also be an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Secondly, you can talk to a stranger. We understand that you may not feel comfortable reaching out to people you know when you're feeling lonely, especially in situations where they may be offended by those feelings. Luckily, there are other people you can talk to. Crisis Text Line is one of them. This free, confidential, 24/7 service allows you to text with a trained Crisis Counselor any time you feel that you're in a crisis. By texting 741-741, you can talk to someone about your family problems, your feelings of loneliness, or anything else you want to talk about. They're there to help you move from a hot moment to a cool calm whenever you need, even if you're sitting in a crowded room of people. There are also other help lines that provide similar services, like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Live Online Chat.

Lastly, we here at Spire & Co encourage being there for yourself. Loneliness can be a heartbreaking emotion, but it can also be an opportunity to learn more about yourself. The time you spend alone is a great time for self-care. Find activities that bring you comfort and lean hard into those. Light a candle, get cozy, and watch your favorite movie. Take a relaxing bath. Channel everything you're experiencing into your art. Journal to get some feelings off of your chest. Try taking a new class to learn something you've always wanted to learn. Do whatever you have to do to become your best friend during this time and accept the loneliness for what it is: just a phase. You're a wonderful person to be around; you should know.